Worry-Free Writing & No-Mess Collaboration

Whether you’re co-authoring a manuscript, editing a grant, or drafting a screenplay – the writing process can get messy fast: tracking changes, emailing files, getting feedback, and comparing versions. OddBooks keeps your writing-process uncluttered, your projects organized, and your collaborations smooth.

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Worry-Free Writing

Sync to any device, or access your files online: OddBooks will keep a history of your changes, so you never have to worry about losing your work.

Comparing Changes

Easily compare changes between different versions of the writing projects in which you are working or contributing.

No-Mess Collaboration

No more emailing files, or getting tangled in “real-time” online collaborations. Write in peace — then compare and merge versions whenever you’re ready.

Full-Featured Text Editor

OddBooks provides a clutter-free environment for writing, editing, and exporting common document formats — with rich-text features like links, images, and embedded audio/video files.